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About us

Do you remember those days when your attic was well organized and everything was in its place, while the whole area was clean and actually smelled good? Want to restore it? No problem – we're here for you! Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale is at your service with attic insulation replacement and cleaning services for both homes and businesses. Here you can learn more about our services and our local team of professionals.

Our Vision

As one of the leading companies in the area, we believe that the first thing that describes us is our outstanding customer service. Reliability is guaranteed in every call we get and our job is not done until our customer is satisfied with the service provided. In order to achieve that, we do our best to suit each customer with the service that will serve their needs the best. We even offer commercial services as well as residential so our customers can find whatever solution they need in one place.

Our Services

We won't list all of the services we offer but let us simply say that whether you have a mold problem on the ceiling or you see insulation coming off – we can solve it for you with professional and thorough services. If the insulation is worn-out and needs to be replaced, our team will carefully remove the old material, dispose of it safely outside, clean up the whole area while ensuring there's no trace of any bacterial accumulation and then install the new layer. As mentioned above, this service like all of our services, is available for any building and house, whether residential, industrial, or commercial.

Our Company – Your Benefits

When you choose our company, you can have it all – a selection of comprehensive insulation and cleaning services, a team of professionals that will stop at nothing to perfectly complete the job and the best customer service in town. But that's not all!

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