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Rodent Proofing

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Keeping your home or business rodent-free can be a difficult task, especially if you’ve had issues with them in the past. Fortunately, our team at Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale employs a team of professionals who can solve the problem reliably and humanely at an affordable rate.

Rats & Mice Are A Hazard

More than just a nuisance, mice and rats can present a serious threat to your household. In addition to destroying clothes and electronics, ruining walls and furniture, and stealing food, these animals carry a wide array of bacterial and viral diseases. These germs can spread through the rodents’ saliva and droppings, so your food, carpets, and bedsheets become contaminated. Worst of all, rodents breed prolifically; just one pair of rats can produce more than fifty offspring in a year if you don’t get rid of them.

Sometimes They Come Back

The buildings at greatest risk of rodent infestation are those that have had issues with this in the past. All the holes, burrows, and crevices that the rodents used or created to get into your house last time will still be there unless you do something about them. All it takes is one pregnant female mouse or rat to find her way in to begin another infestation. While rodent proofing is never a bad idea, its absolutely essential if the building has had rodent problems before.

Thorough Proofing, Humane Removal

In addition to being highly thorough when it comes to searching for holes and crevices as well as sealing them up, our team specializes in the safe removal of living rodent populations. Poison is a bad idea; even if you don’t care about the rats, the same toxins that kill them are also a threat to pets and children, and their fumes and spread further to the surrounding environment. Worse still, killing mice or rats could leave you with a house full of rodent bodies, creating a bigger health risk. We employ sophisticated traps and persistent searching techniques to find and remove live animals instead of forcing you to deal with a messy extermination.

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Better safe than sorry! If you suspect the presence of wild rats or mice in your property, or fear their return, contact us today and we can have our team on the way.

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