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For fast answers to many common questions about keeping your attic completely clean, free of rodents or insects, or adding new insulation, take a look below and visit our helpful new tips page. Here's where you'll find many interesting solutions our experts have provided to questions from our satisfied customers.

Do research on insulation types

If you're looking to upgrade your home's insulation or are needing to have it replaced anyway thanks to damage that's occurred, make sure you take the time to look into the various types. All of them have their own unique set of attributes that may suit your tastes or might not. Fiberglass is inexpensive and easy to install but can be dangerous. Cellulose is the most green-friendly but is more susceptible to water damage as well. Consider each and what you're looking for before you decide!

Look for water damage in your crawl space

It's unfortunately easy for a water leak to occur in your crawl space without you knowing it and be causing a ton of damage, so looking every now and then is the best way to keep your home protected. Water will rust pipes and make them more likely to break, cause the wood structure to rot, and destroy insulation. If you see standing water or discoloration on wood and pipes, it's definitely time to have a professional come out to help you.

Make sure there's nothing perishable in your attic

This includes plants, food products, or anything that can decay over time. There's a lot already that can draw pests into the area to start making themselves at home, like dust and even the insulation as rodents like to use it for nesting, but food will only make it all the more of an ideal spot to take over. Plants and anything that can rot will also bring in insects that can infest the area and reach into the household if left to reproduce.


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