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When you've got a question about your attic and how the best way is to keep it clean and free of rodents or insects, the place to find a quick answer is in our new FAQ section. Scroll down below to check out all of our answers to customer questions!

How can I tell whether I have rats or mice?

There are 3 main signs: first – rats are much bigger. They can weigh up to 11 ounces while mice are small and weigh about ½ an ounce. Secondly – mice droppings are small and look like small sticks while rats have large and spindle-like droppings. Thirdly, and most visibly, are the nests – mice often build them in the insulation or in shredded paper, while rats burrow into walls or hollow ceilings.

Can I remove insulation myself?

This depends both on the type of insulation, as well as the reason for removing it. If the insulation has become contaminated from pests, or moldy from water leaking onto it, it's dangerous to try to take care of yourself. Without proper safety equipment, the disease from the pests or mold spores could get into your lungs and cause health troubles. Along with this, it's important to carefully remove the damaged insulation, or else particles with bacteria or mold attached could pollute your home's air.

Can I seal my attic myself?

While certainly possible, it may still be best to allow professionals to take care of it. If all the leaks aren't taken care of, the airtight seal won't be created and you will still be losing money on escaping air and energy. Our trained technicians will be able to carefully comb over your attic to find every crack, even in hard to reach spots or places you may not think to check. That way, you can be certain your attic is completely closed up.

Why should I get rid of mice? They’re so cute!

Maybe they look cute, but if you don’t act fast, you’ll end up overwhelmed with the number of mice in your home, since they are very prolific breeders! Also, the smell of their urine is not cute at all, and their weak bladders will have your house smelling like ammonia in no time. And last, but not the least, they spread various diseases through contact with their feces and urine.


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