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Air seal your attic with this versatile insulation method

Spray Foam Insulation

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What Does Insulation Do For You?

Essentially, it keeps the temperature of your home stable by ensuring that air doesn't escape out of it. More so, it keeps your energy costs low, as without it your heating and AC would have to run more frequently to keep things comfortable. However, with standard insulation such as fiberglass, some air will still be able to leak through. While it's a small amount, those costs add up over time!

Spray Foam Is A Fantastic Solution!

Spray foam insulation is a newer form of insulation that eliminates those small air leaks that have cost you over the years. It's able to do this via how it works, which is by expanding. A small layer of film is applied to the designated area, which then quickly grows and fills out to completely seal the space, leaving no cracks! This airtight seal also means that insects aren't able to wiggle through, which is an added bonus.

Closed cell spray foam has further benefits, as it prevents moisture from being absorbed by the insulation. Mold and mildew will be unable to form and damage it, as well as other parts of your attic, as is a risk with the usual types.

Allow Us To Install It!

You might be considering doing it yourself to save a bit of money, but in the long run it might cost you! If the foam is applied improperly, it may not fill the space completely, leaving you with a crack that means there's no seal to keep air from escaping. Or, if put too close to the frame, it may expand out and damage the wood.

Protective gear must also be worn to protect the lungs, and excess insulation may need to be scraped off, so it's safest and easiest to simply let us take care of things!

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