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Three Signs Your Home Has A Rodent Problem


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Three Signs Your Home Has A Rodent Problem

Signs Your Home Has A Rodent Problem | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale, CA
  1. You Hear Strange Sounds

    These noises will be particularly noticeable at night, as that’s when rodents tend to be the most active. If you notice the sound of scratching, scampering, or anything else that doesn't seem like the pipes or otherwise, it may mean that they're about. Especially if the sounds seem to be coming from overhead, such as the attic, though they can fall into the walls as well.
  2. Noticing Bad Smells

    These smells may be particularly apparent near the entrances to the attic or the crawl space, which are two favored spots for rodents to make themselves at home in, but again it is possible for them to wind up stuck in a wall somewhere as well. If there’s a musty odor it's probably related to their waste, but a particularly sharp foul odor may mean one has died somewhere from being trapped. This can draw in even more pests, unfortunately, so getting things cleaned out is important to avoid further issues.
  3. Signs Of Their Presence

    The surefire way to know if they're around is to check both your attic and crawl space with a flashlight to look for more concrete evidence such as droppings or greasy spots from waste. They likely will have also gnawed on various things, such as wood, cables, or even belongings in the attic. If you can see the insulation, it may look ripped up thanks to them using it for nesting, and that means it will also need to be replaced. If you do see waste of any kind, it's best to let professionals take care of it to avoid spreading diseases further into your home.

What Do I Do?

After having animal control come to get rid of them for you, decontamination is a must for getting rid of any bacteria the rodents may have left behind. There's also the option to rodent proof the area, meaning experts will find any and every hole they could possibly enter through and close it up with a strong material such as steel wool to ensure they can't chew through it. Your home will be secure and you won't have to worry!


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