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Reasons To Consider Attic Air Sealing


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Reasons To Consider Attic Air Sealing

Reasons For Attic Air Sealing | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale, CA

What Is An Attic Air Sealing?

First and foremost, you may not even know what this service is or why it could be helpful. It's fairly straightforward, however. Your attic is bound to have cracks and gaps from various things, including manufacturer errors, pests burrowing inside, and wear and tear over time. Whatever the cause, these holes are allowing air to escape, no matter how well your insulation is working. However, using a special applicator and expanding foam to ensure each spot is carefully and completely filled up, professionals can stop this from happening!

  1. It Saves Energy

    It may only be a small amount of air getting out of these spaces, but it's certainly adding up over time! Any amount of air that's getting out of your home rather than circulating means that your heating and AC will have to run for longer to make up for it and keep the temperature comfortable. Hence, more energy being used, and a higher bill. Getting all the cracks sealed up puts a stop to this gradual waste of both your energy and money as well.
  2. It Keeps Things More Comfortable

    The other unfortunate side effect that comes with air being able to get outside rather than stay trapped in is that it makes it that much harder for the temperature to stabilize. You may find certain rooms stay cold in the winter and hot in the summer, or that they just take longer to get to the desired temperature than most. This sort of thing is the result of these leaks that are making circulation harder and creates a struggle to get your whole house at the desired temperature.
  3. Helps Prevent Ice Dams

    Ice dams occur on roofs when the attic isn't able to regulate its temperature and keep warm enough to stop ice from forming. If enough of it builds up, it can damage your roof and even cause it to collapse from the weight. Attic air sealing fixes this by creating that air tight seal and allow for proper air flow that will keep your attic heated enough so ice will be unable to collect over time and cause trouble.

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