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Spray Foam Insulation Near Loyola | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale

Spray Foam Insulation

Customer Issue: The customer needed his attic insulated in a hurry, and spray foam is the most reliable method on short notice.
Our Solution: The attic was already mostly empty, so clearing the remaining contents away from the walls and off of the necessary floorboards didn’t take long. Liberal application of spray foam on the outside-facing surfaces and crevices that stood up to subsequent stress testing finished the job.

Brent Corridon - Loyola
Attic Insulation Replacement Near Sunnyvale | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale

Attic Insulation Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Baker needed some new attic insulation after his old layer started falling apart.
Our Solution: Several of the fiberglass panels were eaten or warped away, but the majority were still in good condition. Replacing the crumbling parts was straightforward, with the exception of those beneath the floorboards. The attic didn’t have too much in it, so clearing and reloading it wasn’t too strenuous.

Aaron Baker - Sunnyvale
Rodent Proofing Project | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale, CA

Rodent Proofing

Customer Issue: Needed his attic rodent-proofed.
Our Solution: After making sure there were currently no rodents in the attic, we sealed off every opening and made sure there was no entry to the vents. This attic is safe from rodents!

Allan Stevenson - Sunnyvale
Crawl Space Cleaning Projects | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale, CA

Crawl Space Cleaning

Customer Issue: Needed the crawl space cleaned in her new home.
Our Solution: Our team removed a lot of debris and rotting materials from the customer's crawl space. We cleaned some mold and sealed off a few air leaks to give her a healthier environment inside her home.

Chelsea Vicente - Sunnyvale
Attic Insulation Removal Projects | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale, CA

Attic Insulation Removal

Customer Issue: Rodents had soiled some of the customer's attic insulation.
Our Solution: Our team removed the damaged insulation and cleaned the affected area. Then we replaced the insulation with to bring it up to R-38 standards. When you need any attic service, give our experts a call.

Nichols Patel - Loyola
Attic Cleaning Projects | Attic Cleaning Sunnyvale, CA

Attic Cleaning

Customer Issue: Clean attic, seal air leaks, and replace some insulation.
Our Solution: We cleaned and sanitized the customer's attic, sealed off three small air leaks along the sides near the roof, and replaced some insulation so that it was brought up to R-38 specifications. Contact our experts for any attic-related concerns.

Rose Fox - Sunnyvale

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